Disaster-aware service provisioning with manycasting in cloud networks


Cloud services delivered by high-capacity optical datacenter networks are subject to disasters which may cause large-area failures, leading to huge data loss. Survivable service provisioning is crucial to minimize the effects of network/datacenter failures and maintain critical services in case of a disaster. We propose a novel disaster-aware service-provisioning scheme that multiplexes service over multiple paths destined to multiple servers/datacenters with manycasting. Our scheme maintains some bandwidth (i.e., degraded service) after a disaster failure vs. no service at all. We formulate this problem into a mathematical model which turns out to be an Integer Linear Program (ILP), and we provide heuristic optimization approaches as ILP is intractable for large problem instances. Numerical examples show that exploiting manycasting by intelligently selecting destinations in a risk-aware manner for service provisioning offers high level of survivability against link and node failures that may be caused by disasters and post-disaster failures at no extra cost compared to the other survivable schemes

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