QCD Chiral restoration at finite TT under the Magnetic field: Studies based on the instanton vacuum model


We investigate the chiral restoration at finite temperature (T)(T) under the strong external magnetic field Bβƒ—=B0z^\vec{B}=B_{0}\hat{z} of the SU(2) light-flavor QCD matter. We employ the instanton-liquid QCD vacuum configuration accompanied with the linear Schwinger method for inducing the magnetic field. The Harrington-Shepard caloron solution is used to modify the instanton parameters, i.e. the average instanton size (ρˉ)(\bar{\rho}) and inter-instanton distance (RΛ‰)(\bar{R}), as functions of TT. In addition, we include the meson-loop corrections (MLC) as the large-NcN_{c} corrections because they are critical for reproducing the universal chiral restoration pattern. We present the numerical results for the constituent-quark mass as well as chiral condensate which signal the spontaneous breakdown of chiral-symmetry (SBΟ‡\chiS), as functions of TT and BB. Besides we find that the changes for the FΟ€F_\pi and mΟ€m_\pi due to the magnetic field is relatively small, in comparison to those caused by the finite TT effect.Comment: 4 pages, 1 table, 6figs. arXiv admin note: significant text overlap with arXiv:1103.605

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