Designing Environmental Graphic Design With Cultural Values for West Java Province


This paper departs from the phenomenon of the need for city or regional identity in public spaces. The people of Bandung and West Java created the identity of the city and region in the form of gates and monuments bordering the environmental area which in terminology can be called Environmental Graphic Design (EGD). The form of exploration is very diverse, and adapted to the abilities and creativity of the people in the environment. The making of EGD by the public often presents primordial cultural symbols especially Kujang forms, but the use of the Kujang symbol is very diverse and has not yet become an identity system that fulfills its existence as an EGD. This paper will analyze the Kujang symbol as an artefact of Sundanese culture, as well as provide design solutions, in the form of an EGD system based on cultural values that lie in the philosophical values of the Kujang cosmology and Sundanese culture values. The methodology used is descriptive qualitative and design thinking The result of this paper is to design visual ideas about EGD based on cultural values and Sundanese cultural philosophy, especially the Kujang symbol which can be used as a benchmark for people who EGD in West Java Province. Keywords EGD, Cultural Values, Kujan

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