Multi-scale analysis of fretting fatigue in heterogeneous materials using computational homogenization


This paper deals with modeling of the phenomenon of fretting fatigue in heterogeneous materials using the multi-scale computational homogenization technique and finite element analysis (FEA). The heterogeneous material for the specimens consists of a single hole model (25% void/cell, 16% void/cell and 10% void/cell) and a four-hole model (25% void/cell). Using a representative volume element (RVE), we try to produce the equivalent homogenized properties and work on a homogeneous specimen for the study of fretting fatigue. Next, the fretting fatigue contact problem is performed for 3 new cases of models that consist of a homogeneous and a heterogeneous part (single hole cell) in the contact area. The aim is to analyze the normal and shear stresses of these models and compare them with the results of the corresponding heterogeneous models based on the Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) method. Finally, by comparing the computational time and % deviations, we draw conclusions about the reliability and effectiveness of the proposed method

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