Category equivalences involving graded modules over path algebras of quivers


Let kQ be the path algebra of a quiver Q with its standard grading. We show that the category of graded kQ-modules modulo those that are the sum of their finite dimensional submodules, QGr(kQ), is equivalent to several other categories: the graded modules over a suitable Leavitt path algebra, the modules over a certain direct limit of finite dimensional multi-matrix algebras, QGr(kQ') where Q' is the quiver whose incidence matrix is the n^{th} power of that for Q, and others. A relation with a suitable Cuntz-Krieger algebra is established. All short exact sequences in the full subcategory of finitely presented objects in QGr(kQ), split so that subcategory can be given the structure of a triangulated category with suspension functor the Serre degree twist (-1); it is shown that this triangulated category is equivalent to the "singularity category" for the radical square zero algebra kQ/kQ_{\ge 2}.Comment: Several changes made as a result of the referee's report. Added Lemma 3.5 and Prop. 3.6 showing that O is a generato

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