Limits on Electron Neutrino Disappearance from the KARMEN and LSND electron neutrino - Carbon Cross Section Data


This paper presents a combined analysis of the KARMEN and LSND nu_e-carbon cross section measurements within the context of a search for nu_e disappearance at high Delta m^2. KARMEN and LSND were located at 17.7 m and 29.8 m respectively from the neutrino source, so the consistency of the two measurements, as a function of antineutrino energy, sets strong limits on neutrino oscillations. Most of the allowed region from the nu_e disappearance analysis of the Gallium calibration data is excluded at >95% CL and the best fit point is excluded at 3.6σ\sigma. Assuming CPT conservation, comparisons are also made to the oscillation analyses of reactor antineutrino data.Comment: Published versio

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