Magnetization Oscillation of a Spinor Condensate Induced by Magnetic Field Gradient


We study the spin mixing dynamics of ultracold spin-1 atoms in a weak non-uniform magnetic field with field gradient GG, which can flip the spin from +1 to -1 so that the magnetization m=ρ+βˆ’Οβˆ’m=\rho_{+}-\rho_{-} is not any more a constant. The dynamics of mF=0m_F=0 Zeeman component ρ0\rho_{0}, as well as the system magnetization mm, are illustrated for both ferromagnetic and polar interaction cases in the mean-field theory. We find that the dynamics of system magnetization can be tuned between the Josephson-like oscillation similar to the case of double well, and the interesting self-trapping regimes, i.e. the spin mixing dynamics sustains a spontaneous magnetization. Meanwhile the dynamics of ρ0\rho_0 may be sufficiently suppressed for initially imbalanced number distribution in the case of polar interaction. A "beat-frequency" oscillation of the magnetization emerges in the case of balanced initial distribution for polar interaction, which vanishes for ferromagnetic interaction.Comment: 6 pages, 5 figures, Phys. Rev. A accepte

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