Extremely Correlated Fermi Liquid Description of Normal State ARPES in Cuprates


The normal state single particle spectral function of the high temperature superconducting cuprates, measured by the angle resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES), has been considered both anomalous and crucial to understand. Here we show that an unprecedentedly detailed description of the data is provided by a spectral function arising from the Extremely Correlated Fermi Liquid state of the t-J model proposed recently by Shastry. The description encompasses both laser and conventional synchrotron ARPES data on optimally doped Bi2_2Sr2_2CaCu2_2O8+Ξ΄_{8+\delta}, and also conventional synchrotron ARPES data on the La1.85_{1.85}Sr0.15_{0.15}CuO4_4 materials. {\em It fits all data sets with the same physical parameter values}, satisfies the particle sum rule and successfully addresses two widely discussed "kink" anomalies in the dispersion.Comment: Published version, 5 figs; published 29 July (2011

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