Pump excited-state absorption in Er-doped fibres


Ground-state and excited-state absorption spectra covering the wavelength range of 450-1050 nm are presented for erbium-doped silica fibers with four different core codopants: GeO2, GeO2/B2O3, GeO2/P2O5, and Al2O3. It is shown that the host glass influences the excited-state absorption spectra and that P2O5- or Al2O3-codoped fibers are the preferred choice for 514.5-, 655-, or 807-nm pump wavelengths owing to reduced pump excited-state absorption. However, excited-state absorption is still significant at the 807-nm wavelength. Pump wavelengths of 524, 532, and 980-nm appear ideal because of the strong ground-state absorption and lack of excited-state absorption

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