The Coupled Cluster Method Applied to Quantum Magnets: A New LPSUBmm Approximation Scheme for Lattice Models


A new approximation hierarchy, called the LPSUBmm scheme, is described for the coupled cluster method (CCM). It is applicable to systems defined on a regular spatial lattice. We then apply it to two well-studied prototypical (spin-1/2 Heisenberg antiferromagnetic) spin-lattice models, namely: the XXZ and the XY models on the square lattice in two dimensions. Results are obtained in each case for the ground-state energy, the ground-state sublattice magnetization and the quantum critical point. They are all in good agreement with those from such alternative methods as spin-wave theory, series expansions, quantum Monte Carlo methods and the CCM using the alternative LSUBmm and DSUBmm schemes. Each of the three CCM schemes (LSUBmm, DSUBmm and LPSUBmm) for use with systems defined on a regular spatial lattice is shown to have its own advantages in particular applications

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