Attic inscriptions in UK collections: British Museum, Cult Provisions


AIUK 4.1 is the first part of our publication of the Attic inscriptions in the British Museum, which is designed to supersede E. L. Hicks ed., Ancient Greek Inscriptions in the British Museum. Part I (Attika) (1874), as supplemented by the Attic material included in F. H. Marshall ed. Part IV. Section II (1916). This part contains new editions of three inscriptions of the 5th century BC which make cult provisions, a boustrophedon altar from the City Eleusinion, a sacrificial calendar, and the ordinances of the deme Skambonidai. In addition to updating the editions in the light of the progress of scholarship since 1874, including new fragments, we improve the current published texts of the inscriptions and make original contributions to their interpretation. We also discuss the history of their acquisition by the Museum in the 18th and 19th centuries, and the roles played by Richard Chandler, the Society of Dilettanti and Lord Elgin

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