Hidden Conformal Symmetry and Quasi-normal Modes


We provide an algebraic way to calculate the quasi-normal modes of a black hole, which possesses a hidden conformal symmetry. We construct an infinite tower of quasi-normal modes from the highest-weight mode, in a simple and elegant way. For the scalar, the hidden conformal symmetry manifest itself in the fact that the scalar Laplacian could be rewritten in terms of the SL(2,R)SL(2,R) quadratic Casimir. For the vector and the tensor, the hidden conformal symmetry acts on them through Lie derivatives. We show that for three-dimensional black holes, with appropriate combination of the components the radial equations of the vector and the tensor could be written in terms of the Lie-induced quadratic Casimir. This allows the algebraic construction of the quasi-normal modes feasible. Our results are in good agreement with the previous study.Comment: 23 pages; references added; typos corrected, more clarifications, published versio

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