Natural Dirac Neutrinos from Warped Extra Dimension


Dirac neutrinos arising from gauged discrete symmetry \`a la Krauss-Wilczek are implemented in the minimal custodial Randall-Sundrum model. In the case of a normal hierarchy, all lepton masses and mixing pattern can be naturally reproduced at the TeV scale set by the electroweak constraints, while simultanously satisfy bounds from lepton flavour violation. A nonzero neutrino mixing angle, θ13\theta_{13}, is generic in the scenario, as well as the existence of sub-TeV right-handed Kaluza-Klein neutrinos, which may be searched for at the LHC.Comment: Talk given at the 2nd Young Researchers Workshop "Physics Challenges in the LHC Era", Frascati, May 10 and 13, 2010, 6 page

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