Suggesting a Simple Scientific Method of Measuring Dew


ABSTRACT One of the most important forms of precipitation is dew. Like other forms of precipitation, dew is a source of moisture in the atmosphere of which its importance is of immense value to man, plants and in the continuity of the hydrological cycle. Dew is measured like any other weather elements daily and in the morning before sunrise. The method and instrument used for measuring dew are faced with a lot of problems compared to the merits associated with them. This study employs the use of cobalt chloride paper (5% solution of cobalt II chloride solution) or alternatively, filter paper. It was carried out in the synoptic station of the Department of Geography, Nigerian Defence Academy, Kaduna over a period of 10 years (19998-2007). Summary of each year findings were analysed. Results showed that the method is an improvement over the earlier one quantitatively, and can easily be reverted to if in doubt of the measurement got.  Other findings are discussed in this paper. KEY WORDS: Academy, Bands, Chloride paper, Condensation, Dew, Deposition, Frost, Gauge, Humidity,     Precipitation, Radiu

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