Is Supply Chain Management Important To Implement In Manufacturing Industries of Saudi Arabia?


Supply Chain management is becoming very crucial for the survival of world class enterprises. Economic slowdowns are pronouncing major stresses to keep critical products & suppliers moving, manage inventory levels efficiently and maintain productivity. In this paper we intend to emphasize on studying the existing supply chain of Saudi Arabia. SCOR model would be utilized to interpret the problems in SCM and generate alternative solution. Performance measurement methods would be induced to monitor performance, reveal progress, enhance motivation and diagnose problems in Saudi Manufacturing Industries . The paper will start by general introduction with an overview about supply chain management. Then, it will summarize the literature work that has been done so far with advantages of supply chain management. In next section, problem definition and analysis approach will be discussed. Finally, the paper will close with a conclusion Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Performance, Manufacturing indutsry, SCOR, Performance Managemen

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