Hunting for New Physics with Unitarity Boomerangs


Although the unitarity triangles (UTsUTs) carry information about the Kobayashi-Maskawa (KM) quark mixing matrix, it explicitly contains just three parameters which is one short to completely fix the KM matrix. It has been shown recently, by us, that the unitarity boomerangs (UBUB) formed using two UTsUTs, with a common inner angle, can completely determine the KM matrix and, therefore, better represents, quark mixing. Here, we study detailed properties of the UBsUBs, of which there are a total 18 possible. Among them, there is only one which does not involve very small angles and is the ideal one for practical uses. Although the UBsUBs have different areas, there is an invariant quantity, for all UBsUBs, which is equal to a quarter of the Jarlskog parameter JJ squared. Hunting new physics, with a unitarity boomerang, can reveal more information, than just using a unitarity triangle.Comment: Latex 9 pages with two figures. References updated

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