Women of Color in Speculative Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography of Authors


Women of Color in Speculative Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography is tertiary electronic resource which focuses upon authors who are women of color (i.e., non-Caucasian) and who write speculative fiction for adult and young adult audiences. Examples of these authors include Octavia Butler, N. K. Jemisin, Daina Chaviano, Jewelle Gomez, and Malinda Lo. For some background, “speculative fiction” is an umbrella term for science fiction, fantasy, and some horror, all of which have literary and popular merit (Urbanski 2007). Historically, this field has been dominated by male authors of largely Caucasian descent; women and/or people of color have not been equitably represented in this genre. Completed in October 2016, the purpose of this annotated bibliography is to raise awareness about underrepresented authors who bring unique perspectives to this genre. Here are the components of the project: - Introduction: This document, which contains an overview of the rationale and implementation of the project, also includes a brief discussion of emerging patterns. - Project Parameters: This document outlines the scope (and subsequent limitations) of this project. - Annotated Bibliography: The annotated bibliography, which lists fifty-five authors and a summary of their novels and novellas. - Addendum: Speculative Fiction Awards in North America: This collection of awards given to speculative fiction authors in North America may be a useful resource for LIS professionals (for library programming or exhibit creation) and / or other researchers. Funding: Women of Color in Speculative Fiction was funded by the American Library Association Carnegie-Whitney Grants program. Learn more about the program here. Acknowledgements: I must acknowledge, and extend deep gratitude to, two individuals who contributed to the success of this project: Desiree Campos, a student colleague who patiently gathered authors and affiliated works over the course of several months. Desiree, thank you for your persistence and commitment to this project. Rachel B. Rozdzial, MLISc., a colleague who provided editorial and authoring support for the annotations. Rachel, thank you for your keen eye and supportive feedback! Feedback Form: Have feedback? Please share your thoughts with the author. Accessibility: Contact the author if you need any of these documents in an alternative electronic format.https://cedar.wwu.edu/cedarbooks/1007/thumbnail.jp

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