#ReclaimingMyTime: Black Women and Femme Movement Actors’ Experiences with Intra-Movement Conflicts and the Case for a Transformative Healing Justice Model


This research utilizes focus groups to evaluate the intra-movement conflicts and political praxis of Black women and femme movement actors in the United States as a case for implementing a Transformational Healing Justice Model (THJM). Black women and femmes are used in this study to explain the gender expressions, identities and sexual orientations presented in this study. This model expands the Consciousness Vision and Strategy Model (CVS) by incorporating the implications of the #Sayhername Policy Booklet, the Movement for Black Lives Platform (2016), and the United States Social Forum Healing Justice Report (2014) -- to outline how Black women and femmes in contemporary local political organizations mitigate conflict and sustain mobilization in anti-racist organizations largely affiliated with the Movement for Black Lives. A Transformational Healing Justice Model is proposed based on the successes of local organizations that have implemented such a model and are a part of national networks of grassroots organizations concerned with human rights. Evidence suggests a level of healing justice incorporated in some organizations – with more of a need presented in others – this is needed to subside conflict in local organizations toward a long-term struggle against state violence. Implications for social movement praxis are discussed

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