A note on the equivalence of a barotropic perfect fluid with a K-essence scalar field


In this short note, we obtain the necessary and sufficient condition for a class of non-canonical single scalar field models to be exactly equivalent to barotropic perfect fluids, under the assumption of an irrotational fluid flow. An immediate consequence of this result is that the non-adiabatic pressure perturbation in this class of scalar field systems vanishes exactly at all orders in perturbation theory and on all scales. The Lagrangian for this general class of scalar field models depends on both the kinetic term and the value of the field. However, after a field redefinition, it can be effectively cast in the form of a purely kinetic K-essence model.Comment: 4 pages, 1 figure; v2: References and footnotes 3 and 4 added. Replaced to match published versio

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