On analogues of black brane solutions in the model with multicomponent anisotropic fluid


A family of spherically symmetric solutions with horizon in the model with m-component anisotropic fluid is presented. The metrics are defined on a manifold that contains a product of n-1 Ricci-flat "internal" spaces. The equation of state for any s-th component is defined by a vector U^s belonging to R^{n + 1}. The solutions are governed by moduli functions H_s obeying non-linear differential equations with certain boundary conditions imposed. A simulation of black brane solutions in the model with antisymmetric forms is considered. An example of solution imitating M_2-M_5 configuration (in D =11 supergravity) corresponding to Lie algebra A_2 is presented.Comment: 8 pages, Latex, references and several equations and examples are added, typos are eliminate

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