Influence of nuclear physics inputs and astrophysical conditions on Th/U chronometer


The productions of thorium and uranium are key ingredients in rr-process nucleo-cosmochronology. With the combination of improved nuclear and stellar data, we have made detailed investigations on the rr-process abundance pattern in the very metal-poor halo stars based on the classical rr-process approach. It is found that the results are almost independent of specified simulations to observed abundances. The influence from nuclear mass uncertainties on Th/U chronometer can approach 2 Gyr. Moreover, the ages of the metal-poor stars HE 1523-0901, CS 31082-001, and BD +17^\circ3248 are determined as 11.8±3.711.8\pm 3.7, 13.5±2.913.5\pm 2.9, and 10.9±2.910.9 \pm 2.9 Gyr, respectively. The results can serve as an independent check for age estimate of the universe.Comment: 20 pages, 5 figures. accepted by Phys. Rev.

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