Arc pressure and weld metal fluid flow whilst using alternating shielding gases Part 2 : arc force determination


The transient variation of the shielding gas present in the alternating shielding gas process produces a dynamic action within the liquid weld metal. Flow vectors opposite in direction have been reported due to the various forces acting on the weld metal when argon and helium are present, however no data has been provided to substantiate this claim. This part of the study evaluates the various forces acting on the liquid weld metal when using argon and helium and their effects discussed. It was determined that argon produces a greater vertically downward force in the central region than helium for both the arc force and Lorentz force. While helium produces a greater radially outwards force at the pool surface than argon due to plasma shear stress and Marangoni convection. In addition, the buoyancy force, i.e. the vertically upward force in the central portion of the weld metal, was greater for helium

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