An exploration of the gendered constructions of ‘stoner’ identity on a Western Cape campus


Magister Artium - MAThis study employed a social constructionist understanding of ‘identity’ to identify key markers of gendered ‘stoner’ identity and to consider how gendered ‘stoner’ identity is performed on a Western Cape campus. The aim was not simply to consider how they see themselves, but also how they are considered through the lenses and perception of non-smoking students at campus. In trying to understand the gendered experiences of ‘stoners’, this research was grounded in a feminist theoretical perspective and feminist methodological approaches to explore gendered constructions of ‘stoner’ identity at this Western Cape campus. The data for this study was collected through conducting two focus group discussions, and six semi structured, in-depth interviews with six male and six female students from a range of locations across campus. The participants in this study who smoke marijuana/weed did not reject the term ‘stoner’, rather, they claimed this identity, labelling themselves ‘stoners’. My research shows that ‘stoner’ identities both transgress and reinforce normative femininities and masculinities

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