On a possible manifestation of the four color symmetry ZZ' boson in μ+μ\mu^+\mu^- events at the LHC


The cross section of the μ+μ\mu^+\mu^- pair production in pppp-collisions at the LHC is calculated with acount of the ZZ' boson induced by the minimal four color quark-lepton symmetry(MQLSMQLS). The μ+μ\mu^+\mu^- invariant mass spectrum with account of the MQLSMQLS ZZ' boson is analysed in dependence on the ZZ' mass. The mass region for the MQLSMQLS ZZ' boson observable at the LHC is found in dependence on the significance and on the integrated luminosity.Comment: 11 pages, 2 figures, accepted for publication in Modern Physics Letters

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