How Does Exploring Self and Peer-Identity Through Artmaking Strengthen Student-Peer Relationships?


This arts-based action research study was created to examine the effects of artmaking on the development of student-peer relationships. Conducted through a four month analysis, 25 fifth grade students, from the same class, were examined through survey questionnaire, critique and interpretation process. Through the course of this study, this research investigation will study 10 randomly selected students, from the same class of inquiry, to examine their artistic process in relation to the development or strengthening of student-peer relationships. From the 10 focal participants, I analyzed sketchbook documentation, artwork with written description, and recorded semi structured interviews. This study will explore the layered process of artmaking in connection to the development of student-peer interactions. The foundational question of this study is: How does exploring self and peer-identity through artmaking strengthen student-peer relationships? Data collected consisted of self-identity research documented in sketchbooks, symbolic self-portraits accompanied with a written description, pre and post survey and questionnaire, critique and interpretation followed by a semi-structured interview. Furthermore, this study will contribute to the numerous methods of building and strengthening relationships in the attempt to improve classroom communities

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