Microgmagnetics Study of Seed Induced Incoherent Magnetic Reversal in a Cobalt Element Array


A stochastic dynamic micromagnetics code using the LLG equation has been developed and applied to study the seed induced magnetic reversal of a cobalt element array. The spin orientation of the seed element is chosen to be antiparallel to the spin orientation of the first element in the array producing a domain wall that is stabilized by the strong crystalline anisotropy and exchange interactions of cobalt. By exposing the element array to an applied magnetic field for a specific time, the domain wall moved along the easy axis and was pinned at a specific position. In this manner, the portions of the element array to be switched could be controlled arbitrarily and information can be stored in the array in terms of the total magnetization of the array. The effects of the magnitude of applied field, the cutting area and the cellsize of the element array were also studied

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