Aspek Pidana dalam Berita Bohong (Hoax) Menurut Fiqh Jinayah


The current world of information is changing rapidly. The more advanced the day, the faster. Positive impact for progress is certainly. But the negative excesses also need to be anticipated. One is the easy and fast news is not true or hoax spread. His excesses are noise, discomfort. Security becomes disrupted. Steps that can be taken include through legal steps. The legislation of the Republic of Indonesia has actually regulated it through UU ITE number 11 of 2008 amended by Act No. 19 of 2016. Article 28 juncto article 45 provides that anyone who disseminates misleading and SARA-related information is threatened with a six-year jail sentence and a fine maximum of one billion. The spread of false news in fiqh jinayah pertained as jarimah ta'zir which arrangement fully become the authority of ulil amri. Crime categories of hoax and sanctions have been aligned with the essence of Fiqh Jinayah

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