Concert of High School Composers' Works, February 26, 1983


This is the concert program of Concert of High School Composers' Works on Saturday, February 26, 1983 at 4:00 p.m., at the Concert Hall, 855 Commonwealth Avenue. Works performed were Ceremony by Roland Tec, We Satie Round by Adam Guettel, Something in 3/4 by Cynthia Spark, Quartet No. 2 by John Harnois, Suite in three movements by Emily Hewitt, Sonata by Matthew Collins, Three Songs of A. E. Housman by Michael Amory, String Quartet - Scherzo by Tallis Barker, Movement from a Trio by Anna Weesner, Prelude One (Appassionata) by Sean Jackson, and Chanson d'Elegance by S. Jackson. Digitization for Boston University Concert Programs was supported by the Boston University Humanities Library Endowed Fund

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