Evaluation of a modified application procedure of glare reducing skin coatings as utilized in athletics


Traditionally, athletes who have applied glare reducing skin coatings have applied it as a black stripe on the cheek bone directly under the eyes. This substance was found to enhance contrast sensitivity when applied in the normal manner in an investigation by Dayton, Elm, Houle, Thomas, Reichow, and Roth. This paper will address the ability of the Cramer glare reducing skin coating to further increase contrast sensitivity utilizing a modified application technique . Utilizing the Arden Plates, contrast sensitivity (CS) was measured on 60 subjects ages 15-30 in a high glare environment using three methods; without the product, with the glare reducing product applied the traditional way, and with the product applied in a more arcuate manner. With the intense glare source on, subjects\u27 CS increased significantly at all spatial frequencies tested when wearing the SGB in the modified manner. At .35 and 1 .4 cpd, significant improvement was noted when comparing no Sun Glare Black (SGB) and the modified application technique. At .7 cpd, significant improvement was shown when comparing no SGB and SGB applied in the modified fashion, and when comparing traditional and modified techniques. At 2.8 cpd, a significant improvement was revealed between no SGB and SGB applied traditionally, and when comparing no SGB and the modified application technique

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