Enuresis: the hidden problem


Nocturnal enuresis is one of the most disabling conditions for both parents and children. Many children and their families are suffering this problem in their life. This can be a frustrating problem for children, entire family and the health care providers Gerson [1]. This can have a deep effect on children or adolescent’s’ behavior, emotional well-being and social life Hagglof [2]. It is one of the most common and chronic problems in childhoods and adolescents. Due to the nature of the problem, many parents and children are very reluctant to talk about the problem and seek help for that. Because of that, many children and adolescents suffer silently and cannot talk about their problems and seek solutions. Contrary to popular believe, this problem is not only specific to low social economic classes or developing countries. This can be observed in all over classes, nations, cultures and ethnic origins

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