Scaling dimension of fidelity susceptibility in quantum phase transitions


We analyze ground-state behaviors of fidelity susceptibility (FS) and show that the FS has its own distinct dimension instead of real system's dimension in general quantum phases. The scaling relation of the FS in quantum phase transitions (QPTs) is then established on more general grounds. Depending on whether the FS's dimensions of two neighboring quantum phases are the same or not, we are able to classify QPTs into two distinct types. For the latter type, the change in the FS's dimension is a characteristic that separates two phases. As a non-trivial application to the Kitaev honeycomb model, we find that the FS is proportional to L2lnLL^2\ln L in the gapless phase, while L2L^2 in the gapped phase. Therefore, the extra dimension of lnL\ln L can be used as a characteristic of the gapless phase.Comment: 4 pages, 1 figure, final version to appear in EP

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