D1-D3 (or D3Λ‰\bar{\textrm{D}3}) Systems with Fluxes


In this article we study D1-D3 (or D3Λ‰\bar{\textrm{D}3}) brane systems with generic constant electric and magnetic fluxes in IIB string theory. We work out all possible supersymmetric configurations and find out via T-duality all of them and corresponding supersymmetry conditions could be related to the supersymmetric intersecting D1-D1 pairs. And we do D1-D3 (or D3Λ‰\bar{\textrm{D}3}) open string quantization for a class of configurations. We find that there are many near massless states in NS sector for near-BPS configurations. Furthermore we calculate open string pair creation rate in generic nonsupersymmetric configurations.Comment: 31 pages. References adde

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