Autism Knowledge; Preschool Educators


Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), is a neuro-developmental disorder in which observes rejections of the communication and separation from relation to reality and it is growing incidence worldwide. In case of early diagnosis of ASD and early intervention, the child, the family and the society in which their environments are influenced by positive developments. This study was carried out using descriptive method of screening model to determine the level of knowledge of ASD of the preschool educators. Beside the demographic information form, a measuring tool has been created by researcher by review of the literature and data sheets of the DSM-V ASD. Those two sources have been used collecting data. The study was carried out within the boundaries of Ankara and volunteers to participate in the study, twenty-four institutions, 270 pre-school teacher, branch teachers and assistant teachers have been included. According to the findings, although no statistically significant differences in the level of knowledge, it was concluded that it is not a sufficient level of information to ASD. ASD should be placed in inservice training programs of preschool educators at the base of up to date scientific literature

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