Single-Photon Pulse Induced Transient Entanglement Force


We show that a single photon pulse (SPP) incident on two interacting two-level atoms induces a transient entanglement force between them. After absorption of a multi-mode Fock state pulse, the time-dependent atomic interaction mediated by the vacuum fluctuations changes from the van der Waals interaction to the resonant dipole-dipole interaction (RDDI). We explicitly show that the RDDI force induced by the SPP fundamentally arises from the two-body transient entanglement between the atoms. This SPP induced entanglement force can be continuously tuned from being repulsive to attractive by varying the polarization of the pulse. We further demonstrate that the entanglement force can be enhanced by more than three orders of magnitude if the atomic interactions are mediated by graphene plasmons. These results demonstrate the potential of shaped SPPs as a powerful tool to manipulate this entanglement force and also provides a new approach to witness transient atom-atom entanglement.Comment: 5 pages, 5 figures and a supplementary materia

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