Hybrid skew scattering regime of the anomalous Hall effect in Rashba systems: unifying Keldysh, Boltzmann, and Kubo formalisms


We present the analytical description of the anomalous Hall effect (AHE) in a 2DEG ferromagnet within the Keldysh formalism. These results unify all three linear response approaches to anomalous Hall transport and close a long standing debate. We are able to identify a new extrinsic AHE regime dominated by a hybrid skew scattering mechanism. This new contribution is inversely proportional to the impurity concentration, resembling the normal skew scattering, {\em but} independent of the impurity-strength, resembling the side-jump mechanism. Within the Kubo formalism this regime is captured by higher order diagrams which, although weak, dominate when both subbands are occupied; this regime can be detected by variable remote doping experiments that we describe.Comment: 5 pages, 2 figure

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