Energy Spectra for Fractional Quantum Hall States


Fractional quantum Hall states (FQHS) with the filling factor nu = p/q of q < 21 are examined and their energies are calculated. The classical Coulomb energy is evaluated among many electrons; that energy is linearly dependent on 1/nu. The residual binding energies are also evaluated. The electron pair in nearest Landau-orbitals is more affected via Coulomb transition than an electron pair in non-nearest orbitals. Each nearest electron pair can transfer to some empty orbital pair, but it cannot transfer to the other empty orbital pair because of conservation of momentum. Counting the numbers of the allowed and forbidden transitions, the binding energies are evaluated for filling factors of 126 fraction numbers. Gathering the classical Coulomb energy and the pair transition energy, we obtain the spectrum of energy versus nu. This energy spectrum elucidates the precise confinement of Hall resistance at specific fractional filling factors.Comment: 5 pages, 3 figure

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