Tuning Kinetic Magnetism of Strongly Correlated Electrons via Staggered Flux


We explore the kinetic magnetism of the infinite-UU repulsive Hubbard models at low hole densities on various lattices with nearest-neighbor hopping integrals modulated by a staggered magnetic flux ±ϕ\pm\phi. Tuning ϕ\phi from 0 to π\pi makes the ground state (GS) change from a Nagaoka-type ferromagnetic state to a Haerter-Shastry-type antiferromagnetic state at a critical ϕc\phi_c, with both states being of kinetic origin. Intra-plaquette spin correlation, as well as the GS energy, signals such a quantum criticality. This tunable kinetic magnetism is generic, and appears in chains, ladders and two-dimensional lattices with squares or triangles as elementary constituents.Comment: 4 pages, 5 figures, 1 tabl

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