Precision study of K^\pm\to\pi^\pm\pi^0\pi^0 and K^\pm\to\pi^\pm\pi^+\pi^- Dalitz plot distributions by NA48/2


The NA48/2 experiment at the CERN SPS has collected an unprecedented sample of K±3πK^\pm\to3\pi decays. The high statistics and the good resolution of the detectors allow a unique investigation of the detailed phase space distributions of these decays. The effects of final state pion rescattering observed in the Dalitz plot distribution of the K±π±π0π0K^\pm\to\pi^\pm\pi^0\pi^0 decays turned out to be a powerful tool for extraction of the S-wave ππ\pi\pi scattering lengths. The large statistics also allowed a precise measurement of the Dalitz plot slope parameters for the K±3π±K^\pm\to3\pi^\pm decays.Comment: Talk given at Kaon'07 Conference, LNF, Frascati, Italy, 21--25 May, 2007. A version revised by PoS refere

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