Global-String and Vortex Superfluids in a Supersymmetric Scenario


The main goal of this work is to investigate the possibility of finding the supersymmetric version of the U(1)-global string model which behaves as a vortex-superfluid. To describe the superfluid phase, we introduce a Lorentz-symmetry breaking background that, in an approach based on supersymmetry, leads to a discussion on the relation between the violation of Lorentz symmetry and explicit soft supersymmetry breakings. We also study the relation between the string configuration and the vortex-superfluid phase. In the framework we settle down in terms of superspace and superfields, we actually establish a duality between the vortex degrees of freedom and the component fields of the Kalb-Ramond superfield. We make also considerations about the fermionic excitations that may appear in connection with the vortex formation.Comment: 9 pages. This version presented the relation between Lorentz symmetry violation by the background and the appearance of terms that explicitly break SUS

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