Evolution of Brazilian states in the ECI-Income plane.


<p><i>a</i>) The figure shows the dynamics (from 2002 to 2015) of the Brazilian states in the ECI-Income plane, where the GDP<sub><i>p</i></sub> is in logarithmic scale. Only the state of São Paulo and the Distrito Federal appear to be clearly distinguishable from the rest of the states. All the others states are indeed concentrated in a small region of the graph. <i>b</i>) The figure shows the coefficient calculated considering the time interval 2003-2013. Colors vary from green (where the versors tend to be parallel), to red (where the versors tend to be unevenly directed). From the figure we can therefore verify that there is a low predictability of the evolution of all the states. <i>c</i>) Here we show a grid where for each cell we calculate the versor of the sum vector. From the figure we see that there is no privileged direction, indeed the vectors are unevenly directed.</p

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