Growth and luciferase activities of strains containing P<i><sub>shp</sub></i>-<i>luxAB</i> fusions in various genetic backgrounds.


<p>Growth curves (OD<sub>600</sub>) are presented in gray and relative luciferase activities (RLU/OD<sub>600</sub>) in black. Growth and relative luciferase activities of derivatives of <i>S. thermophilus</i> strain LMD-9 grown in CDM and containing P<i><sub>shp</sub>-luxAB</i> fusions of the loci <i>shp/gbs1555</i> of <i>S. agalactiae</i> (A), <i>shp/</i>SMU.1509 of <i>S. mutans</i> (B) and <i>shp/ster_1299</i> of <i>S. thermophilus</i> strain LMD-9 (C). The genetic backgrounds are indicated as follows: (•) the <i>shp</i> and <i>rgg</i> genes of the locus tested and the <i>ami</i> gene <i>of S. thermophilus</i> are present (▴) the cognate <i>shp</i> gene of the locus studied is not present, (▪) the cognate <i>rgg</i> gene of the locus studied is not present and, (<b>×</b>) the <i>ami</i> genes of <i>S. thermophilus</i> are not present. Experiments were done at 30°C for the <i>shp/gbs1555</i> and the <i>shp/</i>SMU.1509 loci and at 42°C for the <i>shp/ster_1299</i> locus. Data shown are representative of three independent experiments.</p

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