Design and analysis of contour bell nozzle and comparison with dual bell nozzle


The performance and the thrust delivery of the engine such as nozzles are in renovation for the greater performance. Modern combustion expansion system like in rocket nozzles will be updated with respect to the application. Bell and Dual bell nozzle is the One of such development. Four different types of Bell nozzle one duel bell nozzle is selected and studied using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in the present paper. The project mainly focuses on design and analysis of contoured convergent divergent bell nozzle. For the simulation, consider  a 2D , parabolic contoured thrust optimized axisymmetric nozzle. The priority is  given to design a bell nozzle with negligible shock wave. The temperature effects are not taken into this study, the flow is purely cold flow (303K). A full length Bell nozzle created using Gambit software. The meshing and analysis of the Bell model were done using FLUENT software. Air is taken as working medium for the nozzle and also for the ambience. Only one half of the nozzle is simulated due to symmetry reasons, and symmetry boundary conditions are used at the corresponding planes. The nozzle walls were set as adiabatic and assumed to be hydraulically smooth. A control volume was constructed around the nozzle to take the interaction with the ambience. The behavior of flow along the bell nozzle is thus obtained

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