DR0865 binds to the promoter of MntABC in an ion-dependent manner.


<p>(A) and (B) DR0865 binding to p2523 and p2284 as the concentration of DR0865 increased. (C) Wild-type R1, <i>dr2539</i> null mutant (<b>Δ</b><i>dr2539</i>), and <i>dr0865</i> null mutant (<b>Δ</b><i>dr0865</i>) were cultured on TGY plates overlaid with filter discs saturated with 1 M solution MnCl<sub>2</sub>. (D) The zone of inhibition was measured from edge of disc after three days. *, <i>P</i><0.05. Data represent the means±deviations of three independent experiments.</p

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