Segmentation of higher channel data.


<p>A MIMS image of a mouse intestinal crypt <a href="" target="_blank">[23]</a> showing <sup>15</sup>N-thymidine labeled nuclei (solid arrows), unlabeled nuclei (double arrows) and sulfur-containing granules (outlined arrow). The images are <sup>12</sup>C<sup>14</sup>N (A), <sup>31</sup>P (B), <sup>32</sup>S (C), <sup>12</sup>C<sup>15</sup>N/<sup>12</sup>C<sup>14</sup>N (D), <sup>12</sup>C<sup>15</sup>N/<sup>12</sup>C<sup>14</sup>N HSI (E). Scale bars in (D) and (E) range from the natural ratio to a value that clearly delineates the borders of labeled nuclei (times 10000). The resulting segmentation is shown in (F). Field 30×30 µm, 512×512 pixels, acquisition time 849 minutes.</p

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