Invasive tumor growth induced by Ct depletion is due to changes in adhesive cell properties.


<p>(A) Changes in expression of cell adhesion genes in 3<sup>rd</sup> instar eye-antennal imaginal discs of <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i>;<i>2xct<sup>RNAi</sup></i> versus <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i> animals identified by expression profiling experiments. Red arrows indicate reduced expression, green arrow induced expression of the respective genes in <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i>;<i>2xct<sup>RNAi</sup></i> animals. (B) Top: Representative pictures of tumor growth in <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i>;<i>βPSintegrin<sup>RNAi</sup></i> and <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i>;<i>αPS4integrin<sup>RNAi</sup></i> flies. Green arrowhead marks secondary tumor growth in the abdomen. Bottom: Quantification of primary and secondary tumor growth in <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i>;<i>αPS4integrin<sup>RNAi</sup></i>, <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i>;<i>βPSintegrin<sup>RNAi</sup></i>, <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i>;<i>αPS2integrin<sup>RNAi</sup></i> and <i>ey</i>::<i>Dl</i>;<i>Timp<sup>RNAi</sup></i> flies. (C) Relative transcript levels of <i>DE-Cad</i>, <i>Cad86C</i> and <i>Cad99C</i> in eye-antennal discs of 3<sup>rd</sup> instar larvae of control animals (<i>Dcr2; ey::lacZ</i>) and in animals with reduced Ct activity (<i>Dcr2; ey::2xct<sup>RNAi</sup></i>). (D) Quantification of secondary tumor growth rates in different genetic backgrounds. Co-expression of E-Cad strongly reduces invasive tumor growth rates in <i>eyeful</i>+<i>ct<sup>RNAi</sup>;p35</i> flies. (E) Schematic drawing of a 3<sup>rd</sup> instar larva expressing GFP in eye-imaginal discs (either <i>ey</i>::<i>GFP</i> or <i>eyeful+GFP;ct<sup>RNAi</sup>;p35</i>). Locations of GFP-labeled eye-imaginal discs and the insect circulatory fluid, the hemolymph, are indicated by arrows. For analysis of the hemolymph, the insect circulatory fluid is extracted by bleeding out the larvae after cutting at the posterior end (indicated by dashed, blue line). (F) Left: Quantification of GFP-positive cells in the hemolymph of wild-type, <i>ey</i>::<i>GFP</i> and <i>eyeful</i>+<i>GFP</i>;<i>ct<sup>RNAi</sup></i>;<i>p35</i> 3<sup>rd</sup> instar larvae. Right: Relative <i>GFP</i> transcript levels in the hemolymph of <i>ey</i>::<i>GFP</i> and <i>eyeful</i>+<i>GFP</i>;<i>ct<sup>RNAi</sup></i>;<i>p35</i> 3<sup>rd</sup> instar larvae.</p

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