Suppressive properties of CD4<sup>+</sup>CD25<sup>+</sup> cells from cecal tonsils of chicks at D1.


<p>Percentage of non-proliferating responder cells in proliferation suppression assay. CD4<sup>+</sup>CD25<sup>−</sup> responder cells were labeled with carboxyfluorescein succinimidyl ester (CFSE), treated with anti-CD3/CD28, and mixed with effector CD4<sup>+</sup>CD25<sup>+</sup> or CD4<sup>+</sup>CD25<sup>−</sup> cells collected from cecal tonsils of one-day-old chicks at an effector∶responder cell ratio of 1∶1 or 0∶1 (control). At 72 h of co-culture CFSE dilution of CFSE-labeled responder cells was analyzed to calculate non-proliferating cell percentage. Means (+ SD) without a common superscript differ significantly (<i>P</i><0.05). n = 3.</p

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