DNA sequence characterization of <i>clfA</i> SD repeats of <i>S. aureus</i> Smith Cp and the locations of rearranged sites from 9 variants of pNZ3004-ClfA.rRWM and 1 variant of pNZ3004-ClfA.SAR.rRWM.C9.


<p>The number at two sides represents the nucleotide number. The perfect consensus repeats are marked in red and the imperfect consensus repeats are marked in black. The repeat right after 15 central perfect consensus repeats has only 12 nucleotides, as this arrangement makes the whole repeats maximally conform the consensus. Each rearranged site in 9 variants of pNZ3004-ClfA.rRWM was marked by the name of variants in parentheses in green, with the region between them looped out during the rearrangement. For 1 variant of pNZ3004-ClfA.SAR.rRWM.C9, 5 SD repeats were added between the two arrangement sites and were not shown in the figure, marked by the name of the variant in parentheses in blue.</p

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