Minimal sequential ordering of intra- and inter-domain folding events responsible for CFTR folding and trafficking.


<p>Intra-domain folding of NBD1 is dictated by the Hsp90 system (step 1). A structural rearrangement occurs in response to the binding of cytoplasmic loop 4 (CL4) to the F508 containing hydrophobic pocket present WT NBD1 (step 2). The binding of CL4 provides a stabilizing effect on NBD1, releasing Hsp90 and promoting H8–H9 helix-coil transition. This H8–H9 transition would expose the NBD2-binding interface of NBD1 and allow NBD1 to ‘chaperone’ <i>in trans</i> the folding of NBD2 (step 3).</p

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