<p>(<b>A</b>) Growth curves of NEM316 WT (solid squares), Δ<i>gbcO</i> mutant (circles) and Δ<i>gbcO</i>pTCVΩ<i>gbcO</i> (empty squares) strains. Cultures were performed in TH medium without antibiotics at 37°C in 96 wells plates in triplicate. Optical densities were recorded at 600 nm in a Tecan M200 apparatus with 5 sec agitation before measure. Average values of a typical experiment are presented. (<b>B</b>) Effect of various concentrations of tunicamycin on the growth rate of WT (solid squares), <i>ΔgbcO</i> (black circles) and Δ<i>gbcO</i>pTCVΩ<i>gbcO</i> (empty squares) strains. Tunicamycin, a general inhibitor of UDP-GlcNAc:lipid phosphate carrier transferase activities, inhibits the growth of WT and complemented strains but not that of <i>ΔgbcO</i> mutant suggesting that GbcO carries this activity. Experiments were performed in triplicate and results are reported as a percentage of the growth rate in absence of tunicamycin. Error bars represent ± S.E. of triplicate experiments.</p

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