<p>(a) Phase contrast micrographs showing the effects of LAMA84R exosomes and CTO treatment on endothelial network formation (matrigel assay). Few cables are observed when HUVEC are plated in low serum medium (CN). Addition to HUVEC cells of 10 ng/ml of recombinant IL8 (Rec IL8) or 50 µg/ml of LAMA84R exosomes (Exo) induces the formation of capillary-like structures. No tube formation is observed when HUVEC are plated in the presence of 50 µg/ml of exosomes plus neutralizing anti-IL8 antibody (Exo + N Ab IL8). CTO inhibits the effects of recombinant IL8 (10 µM CTO + Rec IL8) or exosomes (Exo +10 µM CTO) on tube formation by HUVEC on matrigel. (b) Histograms showing the quantitative analysis of the cables length by Image J software.</p

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